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Choosing a Tool

Choosing a Tool

  • Is it supported?
    • Student training
    • Technical glitches – who you gonna call?
  • Does it support learning outcomes?
  • How high is the tech learning curve?
  • Cost
  • Does it pass the “Do no harm” test?
  • Will your students use it?
  • Technology for you… or your students?

Planning to reach the competencies…

Lesson plan –  Planning makes it happen – Take advantage of teachable moments when they come up, but don’t count on them… Plan for them!

Lesson plan framework:
Robert Gagne on steroids!

Plan activities and assessment for 2 types of  objectives: content + competencies

Leveraging Technology at every level:

1) Program level – data collection & analysis for accountability and improvement

Plan for integration of competencies through careful program planning – which courses should address which competencies – add course learning objectives – Plan for assessment. How are you going to know they know/can do/are?

2) Course level – use lesson planning to address all competencies along with course content. Consider alternative delivery methods  – choose technologies wisely when they make sense and help achieve objectives – “Do no harm”

3) Individual level – plan so that students learn to leverage technologies in each competency area as well as content areas.

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