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Thanks for your attention and interest! I hope this was useful!


  1. A. J. Kreimer permalink

    Enjoyed your presentation! Lot’s of great material here. The blog site I mentioned was You had a slide that showed a picture of Moses receiving the 10 commandments. Could you direct me to the source for that? Hope we cross paths again.
    Best regards! AJ

  2. Thank you very much for assembling this incredible web page. I have spent a good bit of time following through a number of the links to material and I cannot believe how robust this site is, in terms of providing an accounting educator with the tools he or she needs to be prepared for program and course assessment. The linkage between program goals, course goals, student activities, and then learner assessment is well put. The overview of technology available to the accounting educator is awesome and very thought provoking; perhaps enough so to lure me out of my power point comfort zone and into a new age of adaptive student learning in accounting.

    • Hey Ed,
      Thanks for your comments – I hope this space can also become a place to share ideas and what people are trying in the classroom!

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